Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Going away!

Ok...so last month before we left Virginia we had a party for the girls to see their friends! We all met at one of the Bounce Houses up there and the kids had pizza & cupcakes and LOTS and LOTS of bouncing which was just perfect because the weather was so cold that they really needed a place to get their energy out!!! AND...it was so fun to see all our friends before we left.



And...Gator has lots of boyfriends!!



All the kids jumping in the birthday house...


Peanut was sooo happy her friend E came!


Those are just a few pictures...blogger, flickr...its all being slow. I'm going to upload an album on facebook for all the photos to go up! Anyways...I cannot believe what a fabulous time we had...and what fabulous friends we made in Virginia. The kids talk about their Virginia friends all the time and we miss them dearly. We have yet to make too many friends here. We met a few people but so far nothing like our group back "in Virgina" -- I almost wrote home...but I forgot HOME IS WHERE THEY SEND US...so, I guess that's Texas for now!!!

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Lisa Coleman Boutilier said...

Looks like they had a great time!