Sunday, February 27, 2011

The drive...

Our first stop on the journey was Chick Fil A! We needed to eat...!!


The kids were excited and they were styling their Good Bye shirts that all their friends had signed the day before at their Good Bye Party.

The first day of driving...oh, it was short. We stopped somewhere in North Carolina it was about 5 hours of driving. We decided to eat dinner at Steak and Shake. Its kind of funny because the meal we left the night we left Ohio was also Steak & Shake. Hmm. The best part was out of no where Achoo decided he was really into milkshakes. He didn't have any but he did enjoy gnawing on the giant cup!


The girls were great little car riders. I put Achoo in the middle and the girls on the sides because then the girls wouldn't fight. Yes, the middle is the safest spot in the car BUT when you have a rear facing child that child is already safer than the forward facing technically, he would have been fine on the outside. We used to have Gator in the middle BUT then the girls were next to each other. (Ok, that was your carseat lesson for the day).


Oh wait...I lied. One more lesson!!! You should have your child in a five point harness (like seen here with Gator) as long as aim for SIX years of age.

The second day's drive was from North Carolina to Alabama. Let me tell was a long day and I was very bored in the car.


Driving through Atlanta.

2011-01-22_14-25-17_451 guessed it another stop at Chick Fil A...we needed drinks! And, who knew...fried pies?! Really.

This day was a crazy long day. Achoo was happy to stretch.


Peanut needed to jump...


And, Gator...


She needed a doctor!!! The poor kid had a 104 temp and strep throat...we only found that out after a really long night at the ER.

I stayed at the hotel with the littles & the pups and ordered pizza for dinner.


I just love her.

Oh...and we saved half the pizza for Vegas when he returned BUT I went to bed and some how the dogs managed to jump on the desk, open the pizza box and eat the pizza. NO, I'm not kidding.

The next day...


The road looked a lot like this. Gator was feeling better since she had started the antibiotic. We got a little delayed in Mississippi while waiting for a prescription and having lunch...but the day was much better.

I did take a picture crossing the Mississippi...that seems to have not uploaded. We stayed that night in Lousiana and headed out the next morning for TEXAS!

We arrived a little after lunch and we were so happy to be HOME!!!!! We hit a local pizza joint that night for was delicious...


Even the table!!

The movers came the next day...most of our stuff was broken (ok, not most but a good portion) and surprisingly the kids were able to nap through the noises!

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