Monday, February 7, 2011

The BIG 7!


Little Man, Achoo...well, he ain't so little these days. He turned 7 months old last week. He's huge. He weighs about 21 pounds. He's in 12-18m clothing. He has two adorable bottom teeth that BITE...and yes, it hurts.


He learned to crawl on January 25th. But the best part...he waited until we got to Texas and did it right! There was NO belly crawl just like big boy crawl...looks like he's been doing it FOREVER!


He does adorable push ups while crawling sometimes. He also can bring himself to sitting...sometimes its on his side and we call that his sexy pose...but then I decided I didn't want the girls using the word sexy (or having to explain it) so we re-named it his calendar pose!


He's fast when he gets going.


He laughs...he cries...he smiles...he pulls hair. He loves to take baths and he loves to grab at food (and not eat it). We've tried some foods which he's puked...yup, puked. So, I went to Plum Organics which he takes a couple bites here and there but nothing major. Sometimes he wants it and sometimes he doesn't...oh well. I just don't think he's too interested. Maybe we'll try again in a few days? Or, maybe we'll just continue to give him small amounts of the stuff he really wants...


I just love him to pieces. Wish you could all give him a squeeze cause he really is so incredibly perfect (even when he's upset!)



KirstyB said...

Woohoo!! You're alive!! :D Gorgeous photos of the kiddos!! Happy 7 months!!

Sarah said...

hehe i love his "calendar pose"! you so need a picture of that one. ;) and does he look like gator when he cries or WHAT!?

Lisa Coleman Boutilier said...

Too cute. I can't get over how big he is!!

I love the picture of Gator happily giving him a squeeze!

Joshua said...

He is such a cutie!!!