Friday, January 14, 2011


You can't look at this kid and not smile.


She has a personality that you just NEED to see. You need to just sit and absorb her. She's HILARIOUS.


Can you hear her? She's screaming "Abbbbbbbbbbbbby", yes, I know I just wrote her name.

I said to her, "Hey know you have banana on your face...can I wipe it..." she replied with, "No...banana belly" and then she kept telling me no. Makes for a good photo though!

So like I need to sit and take her all in...


She is one of a kind!


And, usually always happy...unless she's not and then she's really not happy!


I hope she's enjoying our journey right now! She keeps saying "Texas, yeah?" but it sounds more like Tes-is :) I love it!!

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