Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I'm sure you know my plan is to eat better once we get settled. I'm not sure however if you know that we cut out HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) out of our diets a week before Thanksgiving. I'm sure we are still getting some but we did a massive overhaul of our diets. In fact, I got VERY sick when I did this because my blood sugar dropped to all time lows. It ended up stabalizing itself but yes I had some scary lows. To think HFCS has such an effect on our bodies. I'm glad its out of my system.


I took this photo because I needed to say -- really?? Who would put HFCS in milk...or would would think its in milk?

I was surprised to find it in almost everything in our house. We now have a different brand of ketchup, cereal, poptarts, oreos, ritz crackers, grahamn crackers, salad dressings, bread, lenders bagels, fruit snacks, granola, syrup, sausages, waffles, vitamins (yes, vitamins!!) and muffin mix. Crazy!

Now, obviously the oreo's are oreos -- we're eating Joe-Joes and the poptarts aren't poptarts but yes...its been a change for the better.


Erika said...

yay good for you!!! we cut hfcs out of our diets years ago- well, except for my addiction to coke (the soda)... but i quit that right before thanksgiving and haven't looked back. the good news is that if you shop at trader joe's, they don't cary anything with HFCS...so it's pretty easy to avoid. that's where we do all our shopping, so it has been really easy.

USMC Wife said...

That is awesome. We are also a no HFCS family. It's not an easy change but it's so interesting to read what ingredients really are and how they affect your body.