Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

It looks like my 2010 New Year's Resolution of 365 blog posts actually did happen! I am pretty impressed with myself for that one. It was tough at times but totally worth it. I feel like I can look back and see everything that went on. I have great photos of the kids, places we've traveled and things we have done!

I'm looking forward to 2011! I'm sure its going to bring lots of wonderful changes for us and some warmer weather! I'm going to continue blogging this year...its addictive! Well, maybe not so much addictive but its been fun to look back at so I'd like to continue for the wee folk!

What are my goals for 2011?

I have been thinking about them a lot lately. I have a lot. But the ones I am going to mention are:

Eat healthy. I'm going to meal plan through come Feb 2011.

Continue to cut out HFCS -- oh its nasty stuff! And, I'm feeling so much better without it AND Peanut is a different kid without it!

Make a family breakfast each weekend (either Saturday or Sunday) but something other than cereal, bagels, etc.

And, join a CSA! (Community Supported Agriculture).

I guess they kind of all go hand in hand...right? But yes...that's MY plan for 2011. What's yours?? And, I will be blogging about our weekend meals each weekend - I hope! But, remember it won't be until Feb 2011 that you see any of this happening since January is our MOVE month!


Erika said...

congrats! 365 is awesome!!! my goal for 2011 is to lose weight and add another family member - probably through adoption. we shall see! :-)

NuthinLikeGatorMama said...

we're thinking of doing a CSA this year too, last year I couldn't sell hubs on it, but now he's diggin' it.. a little