Saturday, January 8, 2011

Good Bye!


Good bye, dear house. You have been good to us these last (almost) four years. You have been the perfect home. You have held us together and kept us warm. You have given us plenty of projects (almost all fun), held every birthday party for the kids, housed visitors from all over and been something more wonderful than I could have ever imagined four years ago!

Some are still standing...with three kids and two dogs -- I'm not sure have teeth marks on your blinds (thanks to Peanut and Gator) and had teeth marks on the railing (thanks to the girls as well) until Vegas repainted that the other day. You are beautiful...we will miss you! Yes, seriously...I'm going to miss the house!

And, as you are reading this it is now empty of all our goodies and in the hands of the new family. I hope they are blessed with many wonderful moments...and maybe some more snow (they are Canadian and would love some or a lot!)!!


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Erika said...

awww- such a pretty house! so bittersweet!