Sunday, January 2, 2011


The girls are monkeys! They love bananas. This morning they wanted to have a mid-morning banana snack. Gator was fine getting her banana and Peanut needed a little help. While trying to help Peanut, Achoo grabbed the banana. He looked sad and started to whine when I gave it to Peanut.

I then talked to Vegas about it and he said, "Well, what are you going to do"...don't ask me that...really!


I'm going to give him a banana!

Vegas thought I was crazy...but I told him "Here Achoo have this yummy just have to figure out how to peel it!" -- Vegas thought it was kind of mean.

I went ahead and peeled the banana.

And, there you go Achoo...have a banana.


Yes...I gave him a whole banana. The purpose was for him to not eat it but to play with it...and I think he did! He slobbered over the ENTIRE thing!


When we do start solids it will be in Texas. When we are settled and have space to make a mess, cook from scratch, etc.


I don't want to report his first foods are "fast" or "mass-prepared" ew! We will be doing baby led weaning which you can read about here and here.

The basics...whole food (bananas, apples, veggies, etc) but cut into bite sized age appropriate size.


The whole banana was just a little mean trick I played on Achoo. I did break him off a few smaller parts and place them in front of them.


He did grab one piece put it in his mouth and then made a face and spit it out.


Either he doesn't like banana or he's not ready.


I think he just wants to be part of the family and sit at the table with us!


Hope you enjoyed all the photos!


Angela said...

Adorable!!!! Great choice for a first food!

Angela said...

Adorable! Great choice for a first food!

Lisa Coleman Boutilier said...

So sweet!

Kelly said...

Never heard of baby led weaning before... it sounds so logical! Can't wait to hear how Achoo likes it. Great pics too!