Friday, December 3, 2010



Finding the perfect space. For some reason, the kids really love doing our work at the counter in the kitchen. This photo was taken a couple days ago!


Look at how focused she is!


These are just so shots that have been on my camera for awhile. I'm kind of behind on the blogging if you hadn't picked that up! Above, you'll see the kids playing at the table. They were making feathers with glue & tissue paper. The kids really do well with art - its a favorite thing. Peanut, of course, has no concept of glue. She thinks its fun to squeeze and watch it pile up into a big mess *sigh*


The kids love doing projects together...


They were rolling out dough into snakes and then shaping them into letters for "letter bread". We ate this for dinner and according to Gator it was the yummiest thing she had ever had!


This week was a review of some letters...I asked Gator what her favorite letter was -- can you guess?? Obviously its an A. So, she did a collage of the letter A.


They had a really fun time coloring and cutting and pasting --- oh my little artists!

Last...I need to show you this picture that I am super impressed with.


Gator drew a deer!!! We read this story called The Prince of the Forest. It takes about Daddy Buck, Mommy Doe and Baby Fawn. (Its part of the Science lesson this week -- how animals have different names.) Anyways -- what a great deer, huh?!

Tons more later...I think I haven't uploaded everything I thought I had -- ooops! But yes...enjoy those few photos!

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Gina said...

awesome! loving the collage letters. great deer!