Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Paint Projects...

I just had to share these!!


And, this one too:


I painted these the other day because I wanted the kids to have some good wooden, hand-made, momma-made toys that they love...and guess what! They LOVE them!

I have more pictures from painting to post later...and another "toy" project I did for the kids that I need to get pictures of! Hope you enjoyed!!

And, yes, I take orders (like always) if you're interested LOL...I feel like I have been knitting hats forever and a day! And, I have a few sewing projects waiting for me when I get to the next house!


Erika said...

oh, that's awesome! i love it!!! how you manage to get this done and get ready for a move i will never know. you are SUPERWOMAN!!! seriously.

Anna Joy said...

I love these! I made my kids a couple toys for Christmas, they loved them! Do you mind telling where you got the little bowls? I'd like to do this for my little munchkins as well. :D