Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The "Oh My" of today...

If y'all (yes, I'm now trying to sound like I'm from Texas - ha ha!) remember we're moving in just a short time! Well, I had posted pictures awhile back of the new house (and I've taken them down so no need to hunt for them). Anyways, when Vegas went to house hunt for the new house the one we found was almost empty.

I can totally understand why! I wonder if we still would have LOVED the house if it looked like this...











So, wow. That is SO not our style. I mean, can you imagine MY kids in that house...hello everything on the coffee table would be broken. They have so many pillows on the damn couch you cannot even sit (maybe that's the point?!), what is with all the fake green flowers...real would be better but not that many because my dogs would dig if we had huge containers of dirt in our house, a rug in the middle of the kitchen floor, huge curtains, fancy tables for the kitchen?, a small photo above a large bed...

Ok, so I'm just picking the things that I don't like. I just wonder if we didn't have an empty canvas if we would have been able to still look at it the way we did and fall in love. I know that everyone has their own taste...but wow to the WOW...or as I told Sarah earlier, UG TO THE LEE!

Just thought you'd enjoy seeing what they had in their house awhile back before they put it on the market and made it empty. Cannot wait to get my hands on it and make it perfect!!

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Erika said...

wow, yea no way you would have bought it. it's hard to even see what's going on in there. woah!