Sunday, December 26, 2010


I love Christmas. I do. It is one of my favorite holidays!! On Christmas Eve, we baked cookies and did some last minute festive stuff! Gator had to finish her Christmas present for Daddy...and well, I had lots to do.

I have pictures of Peanut helping me bake cookies but it didn't upload so I have to go figure out where it is...but check out the Christmas Lists!


Peanut asked for a baby doll and a roller (stroller) -- Gator asked for Ken's Dreamhouse, Ken & Barbie and a Baby.

We had dinner, went to look at some Christmas lights and came home to go to bed...

and then...



I know it looks like a lot, and it is...but it wasn't just Santa. Those were gifts from family all over, too!

Around midnight, Gator came into our room asking if Santa had arrived yet...(thankfully there is a babygate at the top of the stairs). We sent her back to bed...well, around 5am she was up for good. Then, Achoo...and finally Peanut. Once Peanut got up (a little before 6) we headed downstairs to see what Santa brought!

I just LOVE their reactions...sorry it was dark!


The kids were so excited. I'm only realizing now I didn't get as many photos as I should have. That was my bad as I had the wrong lens on my big camera and the smaller camera didn't have enough memory...oh well. I got some!

This is when Gator was opening her small barbie and ken...she was SO excited. In fact, when she got to her bigger ones she was excited but not as much as she was with these tiny figurine ones!!


Some more photos:








Isn't he cute?


The kids had a blast. We had a wonderful time together as a family of five. The kids made Vegas a tic-tac-toe board, we got some presents for the pups that kept them busy...and those little kids...oh they got more than enough! They love EVERYTHING they received. I'll have to find the picture of Peanut and her baby doll. She loves it to death...she's been changing the clothes over and over and over again. Gator has been playing with her "tool box" aka Motor Works from Discovery Toys its been a big hit...and Achoo he loved everything he could get his mouth on!

Well, the holiday is over...its been countdown to TEXAS!

Almost forgot!! Gator's big gift from Santa!!


Erika said...

adorable!!!! our christmas tree looked like that, too (with lots of presents)- but you know, when they are little, some of the presents are just a few bucks- it's when they're teenagers and an Ipod costs $300 or whatever that it will get harder. i got the girls a lot (from us and other family members) but the total amount i spent was really reasonable!

looks like a great year for you guys! and i'm so glad you're public again! you're showing up in my blogger reader! yay!

FourJedis said...

Love the pictures! How wonderful. We didn't even take many pictures, just video. :) Your kids are adorable. I can't get over how big and handsome Achoo is getting! That smile melts my heart.