Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Last bit of snow (I hope!)

Last week the weatherman was calling for snow. They said "Christmas Night you'll get snow...maybe 3 to 6 inches."

Well, knowing how these guys are so smart and have called for snow so many times and well, we have had nothing fall. I kind of laughed. I wasn't laughing Sunday though when we had three inches and it kept coming and coming and coming. Our 3-6 turned into 14.2''! OMG!


The kiddos had an absolute blast playing in the snow. Of course, Gator had no snow pants since for some reason they were at Nanni's house. Peanut fit in Gator's pants from like two years ago. Neither kid had boots so we used rainboots...oh it was freezing!


The kids couldn't walk through the snow and if you look towards that back you'll see Biscuit - he could barely make it through the snow!


I had to go and "rescue" Peanut a few times from the snow. She looks so cold here. I don't think we were actually out all that long! But it was cold...


She looks happier in that picture (I had rescued her!)

Gator was LOVING the snow...


And, somehow she lost her hat in the snow and never put it back on (we did find it though!)

The dogs were covered in puppy snowballs...(which made the girls laugh)


All in was a fun time to play in the snow...


And, I managed to cross off a few of my 101 in 1001! I was most impressed that I managed to cross off #36 Spend an entire weekend in PJs. Heck, it was easy when I couldn't leave the house...why bother getting dressed in anything but jammies! After all, I wanted to stay warm!!


Erika said...

so cute! i'd better not show Paprika this post b/c she will want to drive over to your house ASAP. she has been craving snow so much, but it ain't happening here! (plenty of rain, though!)

Sarah said...

They look like they had a total blast!! Glad you guys could experience that before the move.. bc if you ever get snow like that in the southwest it means the world is ending! And I LOVE peanuts hat!!!!