Friday, December 3, 2010

5 months!


It is so very hard to believe that Little Man Guy is five months old. Really? Where the heck did time go. I'm afraid to blink he might be married!!!

Let's see...a lot has gone on in the last month. He learned to roll but then he decided he wasn't really that interested in rolling. He loves tummy time -- he just sits and looks at his toys...he squirms all over, not crawling...not rolling just wiggling! He likes to sit in his swing and play with his toys but only for a short time. We dragged the walker down and oh he loves that. He loves it when Gator pushes him around the kitchen and when all the kids play "cars". He will be in his walker, Gator will be on the plasma car and Peanut on the little push car we got ages ago. He didn't enjoy it when they parked all the cars looking at the wall and then they left him there but oh well.


This picture is blurry but you kind of get an idea as to just how chubb he is. I love it. So, he's just giganto. He likes the bumbo but we don't put him in that all that often. He really likes snuggling...oh, they are the best snuggles. Unfortunately, he also likes hair pulling. Which...well, makes it difficult for Gator or me to hold him (without losing a fist full of hair!) .


He has such a personality...and can be soooo serious! He did sorta learn to sit...he doesn't fall over but Vegas said he doesn't fall over because he's so fat its like Buddha belly holding him up. (I think he's actually sitting -- tripod style).

He has the prettiest eyes...


They aren't brown...they aren't blue...they are mysterious. I love them.


Did I tell you he likes to put things in his mouth? Toys, hair, fingers, toes...he's not eating food yet, doesn't care for paci's but, momma's hair, his whole fist...he loves it!

We also learned recently that he's too big to fit in his stocking...


This was only attempted because when Peanut was a baby she fit in her Christmas stocking and it was adorable...and, for what its worth, Barley fit in the Christmas stocking too!


He's such a doll. I'm having so much fun with him. Boys are so much different than girls! The girls are doing great being big sisters...he's definitely going to give them a hard time when he's older!


I hope this brought you some holiday cheer! We are still waiting for the pictures from the professional photographer...I'm sure those will be cute too.


Because, how could they not be cute...he's stinkin' adorable!!!!


Sarah said...

omg i seriously love this child! could he possibly be any cuter?! and the stocking.. LMAO!! hysterical! he *might* fit a leg in it.. but i bet peanut could get her leg in her's still too! ;)

Gina said...

That shot third from the bottom is awesome. :) so cute!

Becky said...

Cutie! Happy 5 months!

AandW Drive-Thru said...

He's such a chunky monkey! LOVE HIM!

Erika said...

i cannot get over how much he looks like the girls! you are cloning them, i know it!!! haha. adorable pictures, as always!!!