Sunday, November 21, 2010

Papou's B-day.

While we were in Boston we celebrated Papou's Birthday!


Of course...I should show the picture of Papou & the kids


And...I took one of just Vegas with the kids and I think its adorable so I gotta add it in as well...


Yup, adorable.

We all sang Happy Birthday and Papou and his assistants blew out the candles...


Ooops, almost forgot that I had a picture with Nani in it too!


Gator was SUPER excited about the birthday party especially because Uncle Mat came to hang out for awhile too! She thinks he's just awesome.


I have more photos from our trip but I'm going to add them slowly to other posts as I'm still waiting for some of them to transfer to the computer and then I can upload them! Yes, I'm SLOW these days!!

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Erika said...

these pictures are ADORABLE!!!!!!!! love them!!!!!