Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Numbers, Colors & Art.

Another part of this week's lesson was about the number 1. Every other week a number is introduced. The purpose is for the child to completely understand the numbers. I know Gator can look at the calendar and tell me the numbers but does she truely understand them?! Well, I don't think any child really understands them. This is trying to teach them about it...(and its late because that's the only time I can find to blog so it might sound kind of crazy but I swear it makes sense during normal hours).

Number 1. The Sun. There is one sun. We read a story about the sun this week. It's about how all the animals in the forest didn't think there was enough sunlight to share. Then three animals set out to steal the sun. Obviously, it didn't happen because this one thing wasn't just one small thing it was one giant thing. This giant thing then turned into more then just one. One sun, many beams of sunlight (enough to share). One tree, many branches. You know that sort of thing...the sort of thing that starts to make children understand that sometimes while its only one thing it can be broken into many things. Point is...she liked the story, she knows the number...and she's getting a deeper understanding of things...gosh, you should hear this kid talk!! And, I know I just babbled...let me remind you its LATE!!!


This week's "painting" project. Actually, there was more then just this painting project but this is the one I took a picture of!


She started with yellow watercolors (the real stuff not the kid stuff) and then mixed in red...we talked about the warmth of the colors...and the warmth of the sun...and how yellow & red make orange...a nice warm sun! Thankfully the weather cooperated and even gave us some warm weather to go along with the lesson!


I just was looking to see if I took pictures of the number book where she did her number project but I guess I didn't. Oh least you can see this!


Her first real water color painting. I love it! I'm so proud of her. She's really growing into a wonderful young girl! Her artistic ability surprises me most days...we went from scribbles to actual drawings and paintings in the blink of an eye!!

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Erika said...

We just discovered watercolors here, too! It is so much fun and I love the paintings she does. What a great lesson!