Monday, November 22, 2010

More Boston...

So, we left Virginia and drove North...we stopped for lunch at a Chick Fil A in New Jersey and met up with our friends Ellen, Bella & Jerrick. Yum!


It was good to see them and it was good to get out of the car! A quick visit though because we soon headed back to the car for the remaining half of the trip!

While we were in Boston we did lots of fun things...the first week, like I said -- was kind of blah. But, I did get a coupon for a free pair of jeans at the Gap!


Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find any that I liked so I gave the coupon to my Mom! Free pair of jeans for her!

The kids enjoyed Boston most of the time...


But it was really they didn't get to do as much as I had hoped! Oh, and we had colds....blah.

At one point we hit Target and found these delicious crackers...


But, now we're no longer eating Ritz because who thought a cracker would have High Fructose Corn Syrup in it?! I've decided to cut that out of our diets (or the kids mainly) in hopes that they'll eat better AND sleep better...its been rough.


I feel like they never sleep...


They do sleep...its just a crazy battle that I cannot stand. I don't want to listen to them cry and scream but then they are so tired they end up crying and screaming...or wait, is that me...maybe its all of us?!

Daddy finally arrived North and we were so happy to see him!


We did some fun stuff during the day...


But the girls were content to hang out at the house and play with their babies...


Not the best picture, I know....


Peanut LOVES LOVES LOVES baby dolls right now. Gator is kind of hit or miss...she likes them but its not the thing she runs to...well, unless she's in the mood to swipe it out of Peanut's hands!!

Ahh...and the best part of the trip (haha - the family is rolling their eyes right now) the fact that I finally got to take the girls to the Museum of Science in Boston. I love it there. I had planned to go earlier this year while Vegas was deployed but I never made it so I was THRILLED to go this time.


Gator loves Museums!


This museum is huge. I think its got like three floors and several different wings to each floor. We didn't even manage to see half of it!!!


It is VERY hands on. I love hands it! And, its great for all ages. They have stuff for the wee folk to the old folk...


Oh, and its part of the Boonshoft Pass that I've told you about before. So, we got in FREE. Yes, FREE! Since we didn't have to pay I opted to go ahead and buy special tickets to their butterfly exhibit because I knew we were going to be learning about butterflies in the upcoming week.


There was so much to take in...


There were butterflies EVERYWHERE!!!


Everyone loved it...and Achoo totally stared at the butterflies!!


He was totally thinking "what is this creature"!!

It was a great trip back north...I was so happy to show off our little man - the kids were happy to see the family. It was a little crazy (with the timing of our upcoming move) but tons of fun!!! I'm sure we did more but yeah, that's what I have pictures of...hope you enjoyed!

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