Sunday, November 21, 2010

Meeting Big Nonni

When we went North we were super excited to bring Achoo out to meet his big Nonni.


Big Nonni is Vegas' paternal grandmother. She's not big at all though! In fact, she's so tiny that I almost thought Achoo was going to squish her!!!


He didn't squish her but he did try and eat her hand!

I didn't take my camera out most of the time I was there...sometimes I feel funny about having my camera out and just taking a million pictures and I was somewhat busy watching the kids to make sure they didn't destory Vegas' aunt's house.


I made sure to get a picture of Vegas, the kids and Big Nonni...of course, I took a bunch and no picture has everyone looking! Go figure!!!


We had a good time visiting with Vegas' family. I'm really glad we were able to bring Achoo out to meet all of them. Unfortunately, Achoo never got a chance to meet his Big Nonno since he passed away a few weeks before Achoo was born. Hopefully he's smiling down from above that we finally got a boy (you know so the name follows on!).

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KirstyB said...

Awww...I love these photos! We have some pics of our kids with their great grandfather (on my side) before he passed away and their great great grandmother (on Josh's side)...they are some of my most favorite photos!!