Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Big SIX...

Well, y'all have to remember that crazy ol' me had a birthday party this spring for our dog, Biscuit, who turned 6. Now its Barley's turn!!


The girls were so excited that it was B-man's birthday (which we celebrated on his birthday 11/16). They wanted to make a cake and we opted for a vanilla one because chocolate is bad for puppies and then Gator decided it needed lots of sprinkles because they like things crunchy (I didn't know that?!).


She was a bit bummed that we had no decorations seeing as Daddy took them down before he came up to Boston with us...and we didn't have enough time (or paper!) to make another chain.


The dogs LOVED their special fact, it wasn't even was just inhaled!!


After Barley inhaled his slice he went to help Biscuit finish his! I think they had a good time. Cannot believe he's six years old. To us, they are still puppies!!

Happy Birthday, Barley Warley Warley.

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