Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Where have we been?


It feels like it has been so long since I posted something other than what was scheduled to post! Oh, because it has. Last week (well, over a week ago actually) the kids came down with the sickies...one by stinking one! It started on a Friday PM, then a Sunday AM and then a Monday AM. Couldn't it have all hit at once on the same day?!


Anyways, then I got sick on Tuesday or Wednesday -- all the days are a blurr! With the rain (and we got lots of it) and the sickies -- we didn't leave the house at all last week!

Peanut (who was the first to get sick) had a raging ear infection. Gator (who was second to get sick) had bronchitis and then Achoo got that too! They all ended up on antibiotics and the ones with bronchitis ended up on the nebulizer too. Thankfully, they started feeling better towards the end of the week!!!

Unfortunately they missed gymnastics twice, two soccer games and countless times they could go and do something with friends...


The good news is though I did get to practice on "lunchables" as Gator calls them...


Gator told me she wanted a "get better meal" and "made with love" which inspired all their favorite foods!

Now...the giveaways are still going on so please check them out! We have some awesome ones coming up! I'm excited. AND, if you notice the ads now running at the bottom of my posts click them...I make money off of them. Not a lot but every little bit helps!!!

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FourJedis said...

How sweet of Gator! Peanut's picture cracks me up. She's the female version of my Yoda! To a tee!