Monday, October 11, 2010

We have been busy!

Ok, I'm going to jam a million and two photos into this blog - so bare with me! This photo...yes, this will be a blackmail photo someday!


So, last week I took Gator to get her hair was super long.


We went to this cute little kids salon...


She loved it and told me it was much more fun going to this salon then to the other one that Daddy goes to! Phew. New hair place;) Good news...they have a few of these near where I want to move...want, orders yet.


To celebrate her awesome haircut, her behavior and just because...we had lunch at CFA. Yum!


We kept busy by making granola bars and lunchables. These have been two things that the kids cannot live without...seriously.

The granola bars are like a must have item in the house and making them is just so much healthier and more affordable too! Oh, and they are GORILLA bars to Gator for some reason!


I grabbed the recipe for the granola bars off another Mom-blog that I follow. She makes awesome lunches - yum!

This is what Gator's lunch has looked like recently. She keeps asking for the same stuff.


That said...Bento's are a way to branch out into other yumminess! Hmm!


We made this earlier this week - yum! And...


Above is chocolate chip banana cake! Super yummy. Didn't save you any - sorry! We've moved on to PUMPKIN squares this weekend -- also so yummy!

We haven't just been baking-- we've been "making" too! The kids had a blast this week at the Art Museum.


And, I plan on going back again sometime! Gator also had her little class about Christopher Columbus - adorable for the kids!

I've been busy knitting...


I'm not done with this hat it feels like its been taking forever!!!

I got some new yarn...


Isn't it adorable?! Thanks for the Knit Picks GC!! Gotta love free:)

I did finish this other hat...


But it wasn't as long as I normally like to make them! It was still VERY cute though.

The weekend has been awesome...the weather is beautiful. We've been outside a lot!


Gator driving around her babies - sorry Peanut - no room for you to ride her twins were with her! By the way...I asked Gator how many babies she was going to have...yesterday it was 10 but this morning she decided 24. WOW. I better start saving money for my grand children!!!


The girls started making a birthday cake...sand - yummy! And, we've been talking a lot about birthdays -- its birthday week here!! Daddy's birthday is Thursday and Momma & Peanut's birthday is Saturday!

My birfday. My Mouse (cake). Shir. (Telling me to Share the day)

She's definitely got a lot of words and a lot to say...


I put Achoo in the swing. Didn't push it just put him there to take a photo. Peanut came running across the yard, "My swing. Not Achoo. My swing. No share." She does love him though, I promise!

After the swing incident they enjoyed sand-cake together at the picnic table...


Not the greatest photo because I was trying to hold Achoo!

I'm not sure the sand-cake hit the spot...


But the icecream sure did!


Wow...this week/weekend has been so busy! We've had a lot of fun. Now, if the kids would just nap instead of sit in their beds chatting with each other...and if my yarn would last me until my hat is finished (worried it might just not make it)...then the day will be even better!

Check back soon for more photos.


Erika said...

what an awesome post!!! you really inspire me, jen! i am going to start homeschooling on the 4 days/week paprika is not in school (her new preschool is only 3 days/week). that food looks yummy!!! that is one area i so need to work on- i am going to check out doing bento boxes! :-)

FourJedis said...

Wow, you guys have been so super-busy! That's great! I love all the things you do and how you catch everything on cam. Your Star Wars action figure goes out in the mail tomorrow. I bet you can't wait!

NuthinLikeGatorMama said...

OK, so Miggy was reading over my shoulder and she wants your bento boxes, can you hook a sister up w/ a link??? ;oP (I so wanna be you)