Wednesday, October 27, 2010

This past month...

Ok, so my initial plans were to blog each week with what I was going to do and then to follow it with a review. Then life happened. I found an AWESOME group of homeschooling mommas and I've been so busy I've forgotten to breathe a few times! We have fabulous adventures at the parks, the museums, classes...everywhere! And, we are SO busy.


You might think to yourself, "So busy you forget to do schoolwork?" Nope...not at all. We're actually 2-3 weeks ahead of the curriculum. Gator is FLYING through it and she loves doing stuff. In fact, I have some exciting news about our homeschool stuff but that'll be in a later review. You can just wait. (giggle, don't you love that?!).

Here are a few fun pictures from our recent homeschooling adventures...



They love Discovery Toys...


They played a favorite "beans" today...counting, sorting, scooping, pouring...its so simple but they love it.


We've done lots of baking...the kids love making cookies and love using cookie cutters!


And, frosting and sprinkles too!


Homeschooling, much to say.

It has been a wonderful experience. I am totally loving it. I feel as though I'm learning more about my children everyday. I'm enjoying the positive attitudes that most people have about it (and thoroughly hating the negative stuff people say because they just "don't understand" or want to give it a if you're going to be negative about it don't say anything, don't read the homeschool posts I make AND just let me be for the next couple years...please and thank you!).

I look forward to this upcoming month...lots of fun field trips planned AND some new and exciting changes to our schoolwork. Please continue to follow along on our adventure! We are enjoying it and hope you enjoy following along with.


NuthinLikeGatorMama said...

Yummy cookies!!

We've been busy too.. but now we're sick. LOL

Erika said...

yay!!! love your blog, jen. you are really inspiring me! we are starting to homeschool 4 days/week- starting on november 1st! :-)

FourJedis said...

Looks and sounds like so much fun! I wish I had a lot more time with the boys bc we have a blast together these days.