Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Short & Fat -- 3 months old.


Three months ago this little man came into our lives...


Yup, I start like this each week. Well, first let me tell you now that we've hit 3 months AND my life has gotten crazy - we will be doing "monthly" posts and not weekly:)

Anyways...where to start?

Achoo...he melts my heart. He's such a loveable little snuggly boy. He loves cuddling with his Momma and Daddy...and sometimes his big sisters. He's always smiling. He coos a lot. He laughs at the silliest of things. He's a big old CHUBBA! I know my kids are big...I'm surprised however that he is the biggest at 3 months (yes, bigger then Gator), and he was the smallest at birth!

He tops the scale at 14.8 pounds on October 1st! At 3m3d Gator topped the scale at 14-0! Now that he's a few days past the first he's hit 15 pounds...you heard me right FIFTEEN!!!!


He's a great baby. He's full of love and fat rolls! I tell him everyday I love the short and fat variety! He's the perfect size to just cuddle with. I wish he could stay this size forever...but he'll grow soon so I'm savoring every second I can!!!

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FourJedis said...

He's so precious and I love the outfit. Way to gain the weight, Achoo! More to nibble on!