Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Happy Birthday!


Ok, so yet another Happy Birthday post!

Last Saturday was my birthday...and my birthday babe's birthday (Peanut). We opted to not have a party this year and just to do some small stuff...which worked out great because she wasn't feeling all that great anyways!

This is when she woke up in the morning and walked in the living room to find her presents.

I took a bunch of videos in the AM some of them didn't upload correctly to Flickr so you get what you get:) But, as you can see she was pretty excited about everything. She got lots of wonderful gifts...then we had some breakfast.


Mickey Mouse waffles to go with her Mickey Mouse theme celebration!


The girls loved the waffles. I should really make them and freeze them so I have them on hand. They aren't hard to make just somewhat time consuming compared to the normal amount of time I like to spend on breakfast.

We didn't do anything too exciting during the day. We played with toys and had lunch out! Oh, and since it was my birthday I went and got a pedi!

After dinner we had cupcakes for Peanut's birthday...

Now, you can see the flashes of light in the video. That was because I was using both the camera and the phone :)


I don't think I did too bad!


It's so hard to believe she is two...


We even got a family picture!


Then the girls started eating their cupcakes!


I thought for sure Peanut would pick the one in the middle with the #2 candle and the 3 Mickey Mouse candies but she didn't!


And, just because I didn't have a picture of Achoo doing much...


It was because it was chillaxing!

He had to chillax because soon Vegas would take him for a ride on Peanut's new plasmacar!


The poor kid! He seems to like do the girls! They actually like everything they got...they, hah, like A1 is included in that! They both have been playing with everything each day. There isn't anything they received that hasn't been fought over touched and played with since Saturday!


NicaBC said...

Ok, did Achoo eat Peanut?!? I think he's in bigger clothes than she is! LOL He's adorable as are Gator and Peanut! Looks like she had a great day!

Sarah said...

so cute!!! happy birthday to you, and to sweet peanut! and cute family pic! you look great :)

Danielle said...

I'm loving those piggy tails!

Kelly said...

Yay for birthdays and Mickey Mouse! Great family pic too! But I'm wondering what the weight limit is on those Plasma cars b/c I totally broke H & J's way back when... oops!

Lisa Coleman Boutilier said...

Yeah birthdays!!! Austin had a Mickey Mouse theme happening too. I can't believe our babies are 2 already...where is the time going?