Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Happy Birthday, Vegas!

Last Thursday was Vegas' birthday. Is it Vegas' or Vegas's? Anyways...it was his birthday.

The girls and I wanted to make it super fun for him so the moment he left for work we got started.


We made a sign...


And, a chain.


These chains are the best thing ever. It kept them SO busy!


Oh and that chain...it was super long...so they were super busy. We also made cupcakes that day and took Gator to gymnastics!!!! Achoo spent some time in the Beco on my back. That was the first time he'd ever been on my back...he loved it!




This is the gift we gave Vegas:


Along with 3 Wii games we gave him the weekend before.


The cupcakes were super yummy. We made them in our silicone bakeware that Peanut picked out (flowers). Feedback on the item is that while they are pretty its not exactly easy to get the cupcake out of the liner AND I had put so much spray on them but its still difficult. Vegas said: "Paper is a million times easier...forget cute next time."


It was a great birthday for him and us. We had a blast celebrating...of course, I wasn't too happy when Gator looked at him and said, "so you're 21...right?" This was just after she asked me if I was going to be 42 or 43...shocked I told her, "I'm younger then Daddy..." and she looked at me and said, "But you have longer hair and you know how to tie your shoes...so do you know how to do that when your 42 or 43?". Cute kid...no concept on age although she does know her numbers up to 100...hmm!

Happy Birthday Vegas!

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