Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Getting over the hump!

Another big post, I'm sorry its just easier this way!

So, this morning we had nothing to do. Ok...its not that we had nothing to do. We always have lots to do. We didn't have any plans set it stone. I wanted to go to Trader Joe's, I haven't been in a long time! In fact, I don't think Achoo has ever been to Trader Joe's...yes its been THAT long!


I had gone to the grocery store last week but their produce really depresses me. You buy it and its bad in a minute (ok, in two days but still - it goes bad so quick!).

My big dilemma of the morning - what time to go to Trader Joe's.

Well, I went mid-morning got my goodies...lots and lots of yummy goodies. Gator is excited about the pineapple, Peanut is excited about the pound of chocolate bar we got for Daddy's birthday and I'm looking forward to everything! we were leaving I drove towards Moe's (for those of you who don't live here its like all of five seconds across the parking lot). I sat in my car for a minute and thought, "Is a free burrito really worth getting three kids out of the car for?" and the answer is...


Any burrito from Moe's is worth getting out of the car for!

We came home, had lunch, played outside, did some school work, rested a bit, cleaned a bit and now its nap...which brings me to the computer and blogging. Phew!

I know I haven't posted much about homeschooling lately. I've been pictureless of the curriculum for a few weeks but I think I can go back through my flickr photos and find the ones I took. I don't often pull out the camera when the kids are doing school because its my most focused time of the day. The good news is Gator is doing really well. In fact, she's a week ahead of where we should be! I'm not sure how that happened but ok :)

I'm sitting here drinking my yummy hot cocoa and enjoying the silence...


This is an awesome cup, btw. It is: DCI I Am Not a Paper Cup 10-Ounce Porcelain Travel Cup with Lid. They are super cute. I got mine free. I love free.


Another thing that was free was my knitpicks gift card that I used to purchase this delicious yarn. Currently working on a hat for Peanut. I'm actually working on three hats for my three kids before we head north in just a few weeks. I am also doing a few other projects and a few for other people...eek! I have so much time now that TV is back with new stuff!!! are some pictures from Columbus Day and yesterday...


He has the biggest smile. Of course, not the best picture but you get the idea...

Gator wanted me to take a picture of this and see if you could "spy her eye"


She's silly.

Achoo figured out how to bring the toy to his takes a lot of time and determination but he does succeed every now and again!


And, no picture of Peanut...but this is what she did to my drink last night.


I wasn't happy about this on many levels. First, I was drinking the drink...and second, I'm trying to get Achoo to take a pacifier instead of his thumb (I can take the paci away but I cannot chop his thumb off!).

It has been so busy here but we're having lots of fun!!!


You're probably saying "free burrito" I know a lot of people asked about that earlier. Our birthday's are this week so we've signed up for all the e-mail clubs and we get free offers...burritos, burgers, money off, free name it!

Head on over to your favorite restaurants and sign on up for a birthday e-mail! Sometimes just signing up for the e-mail you get free things too!!

All my other freebies are parts of swaps and swagbucks!


Katie said...

Yummy food and yummy looking drink in a cool cup, awesome yarn, and cute kids. What more could you ask for?

Bella Bamboo said...

That is funny, I think I have that same colorway from Knit Picks. I think it's one of their Bulky yarns. That stuff is really soft, I love it. Can't beat the price either. I think I might just spend my credit on more yarn, haahaha...