Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fun Food.


Here is a snack we had last week. The kids had a friend over and they sat and gobbled up the entire snack. It's all about presentation...really.





Ok, so those are some of our fabulous snacks and lunches. I make a ton and don't always take pictures because sometimes I make two a day...yes, not only do we have lunchables we also have dinnerables or supperables as Gator calls them.

I try to offer a variety of foods some that they love and some that they don't. I'm surprised at what each kid chooses to eat first (usually). Peanut really likes yogurt raisins and string cheese. Gator loves freeze dried fruits, softer cheeses and crackers. Its just funny.

I'm really glad I started "bento"-ing it around here lately because its been fun and healthier. You can find fun boxes all over the place and pack adorable lunches/snacks! Oh...and if you like to go out to eat and find yourself buying meals that your kids won't eat the good news is I've taken our lunchables-dinnerables-snackables pretty much everywhere and no one says anything about it. Of course, don't bring yourself a lunchable and go sit inside Moe's or Olive Garden but feel free to bring one for your kids!

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