Sunday, September 12, 2010



So, we took the kids to the zoo on Saturday to start our weekend. It was a blast. We spent nearly three hours there! And, Peanut walked the entire zoo. She ahd to have been tired!!! (Gator walked it, too, but I expected that!)


It was Achoo's first trip to the zoo (out of the womb)! He just chilled in the stroller with my sling on top of him. It's made with solarveil which is a really nice fabric that has SPF built into the fabric. I love it.

It was a beautiful day to be at the zoo - 80F!


I forgot my good camera...


Actually, I didn't forget it...I left it home because I need to delete pictures off the card to make space for more and I have yet to do that...ooops!


I also got no pictures of the Lions. Gator really was excited to see the Lions because we've been reading lots of stories about Tigers and Lions this week.


We had a good time and the kids really used all their energy!


Peanut was so tired...and I was so tired of having people ask what happened to her eye. (She fell down three steps the other day - she's fine...)


We need one of these in the house (not!) I need nothing else for them to climb and jump on! They have far too much stuff that they fall off of (and then end up with boo-boos!).

Well, that pretty much summed up the trip to the zoo...didn't take pictures of the picnic, all the little clinics or fountains but yes...a blast! And, I plan on going again soon!! It's been a long time since we last went to the zoo...but for many, many reasons! Click here to see our last trip to this zoo...the kids look so different!

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FourJedis said...

What fun times! Glad you got to enjoy some quality family time outdoors. Kids look so cute. I bet they were so beat afterwards! I can't believe Peanut walked the whole thing!