Friday, September 10, 2010

Week Two Review

This week has been an absolute blast. We did lots of school work and lots of fun things, too! We have been really busy this past week but I don't think its always going to be like least I hope not! I'm going to schedule some "sit on the couch and rot your brain in front of the tv time" :) Yes, scheduling that.


We went to the park earlier this was a beautiful day outside! All the days lately have been beautiful.


Happy camper!


Playing with a friend.


She's growing up!! Doing this by herself and it scares me!


I love trees...really I do.

So...let's see. What did we do this week?

Well, we did the park, the grocery store, the post office, the dry cleaners...doesn't that sound like fun? Well, good news is it is educational! We also started gymnastics & ballet AND soccer games! We had fun at the park and fun with our homeschool group.

We also went all over the place looking for silicone muffin pans...we didn't find them. Thankfully we have Amazon!


We are going to be doing Muffin Tin Monday's or in my world its actually Muffin Tin Meals because I'm sure we'll do them more then once a week and not on a Monday!

What is Muffin Tin Monday? Read this...and enter this giveaway!

The kids really liked eating from the muffin cups and they actually ate lots of different things! On the menu in these cups: Yogurt covered Raisins, Wheat Thins & Laughing Cow Cheese, Blueberries, Chicken Cubed and PB&J rolled up in a tortilla.

The weather has also been great...


lots of outside play in the yard!


Achoo was even outside but he was done...


We went inside and made some yummy frozen fruit bites and called it a day...or a week since thankfully we didn't jam all this stuff into a day!


What will next week bring? Who knows!! Week 3 here we come!

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NuthinLikeGatorMama said...

those things at the end?? Are they frozen yogurt? That looks GOOD!!

I'd LOVE to do MTM's but I'd have to buy (and STORE) a LOT of muffin tins!!