Saturday, September 18, 2010

Week 3, a review.

Week 3 -- fabulous!

Things are really starting to fall into place and I'm loving it. We get up each morning at the butt crack of dawn. Really...the butt crack. Anyone who sees this time of morning and doesn't have to be somewhere (us) well...they are just crazy!

So, we're up at like 6-630 EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. (see my excitement?). we get up and have breakfast and toss our days of the week on the calendar. Usually Gator does it but sometimes we let Peanut put them up. After breakfast we clean up and hang out around the house. We usually get dressed and ready by 8ish because we like to be dressed - we're not stay in our jammies all day people! We start our school work, take a break, have a snack, do more school work, take a break and play, have some lunch, play, nap, possibly more school work or an art project or playing...oh, and definitely a snack...and then we prep dinner, play and Vegas comes home. Pretty darn exciting if I do say so myself!!

Now, this week...well, it was rainy on Sunday so I took that opportunity to take the girls to the movies. We went to see Toy Story 3 because Gator loved it the last time she went and really, really, really needed to see it again.


I really should use a better camera but alas I just used my droid for all these pictures.

Then, on Monday we had plans to meet up with our homeschool group at the Aquarium. We love that place. Since we were going to be down that way I made a pitt stop at the Disney Store first.


See that...its a giftcard that has been burning Gator's pocket! She bought a Talking Woody Doll (thanks to her little friend I in Co for such a great b-day gift!). I also picked up a couple Jessie t-shirts AND a talking Jessie Doll for Peanut (per Gator's request!).

And, here are some of her work pages that she did this week (from the Preschool Prep Workbook):




I've also started them on chores. They are SOOOO helpful with laundry, wiping down tables, counters, putting things away...and now...Peanut feeds the dogs:


What you cannot see in that picture is the mountain of dogfood in that dish!

Achoo has been good all week too...he's growing like a weed!


And, if I do say so myself...he's becoming more boy then I could ever imagine. Look at the way he's looking at the girls as they are trying to pick which leotard to wear to gymnastics class!

It has been a fun filled week. I wish I took more pictures but I didn't. The girls had a great time and we even went to a "We're NOT going to school party" with some fellow homeschoolers. Lots of fun this past week and cannot wait to see what the upcoming week(s) bring!

Hope you enjoyed!!!


~Kailee said...

I wish my homework was that easy...

Glad you had a good week!


NuthinLikeGatorMama said...

wed you need to show me how to do a fwe things..LOL