Thursday, September 2, 2010


So, I'm sure you can see from my lack of blogging that I have been so incredibly busy with life. Yup. Busy. OR you're thinking wow, she sits on the couch all day long to watch tv. Hmm.

Well, truth is I'm busy. Three kids is a lot more work then two...I guess its not really that much more work but I haven't had the free time to sit and blog because getting two kids to nap at the same time is tough and three is nearly impossible!

Last week Achoo turned 8 weeks old - yup, 8 weeks. Crazy how time flies. Here are some pictures from 8 weeks:



And, Peanut has been enjoying her new "do" which she calls braids (even though its not braids):


And the girls have been so busy playing with each other its been tough to get them next to each other and smiling but I figured worth a shot...


Then, I did get my haircut last weekend. I must say its completely "growing" on me. I did go back the following day and get it "fixed" it really was crooked. The new lady ended up cutting another 1.5'' off -- which made it really short, plus she layered it more and added these long bangs. They'd be better if they had an extra inch to them! But, its growing on me.


That's an after picture but you can't tell much (except that I have a really adorable baby in my loveydud wrap!).

Let's see...what else happened?

Oh, well, yesterday Achoo turned 2 months old. He's huge. I'll post his stats and stuff once he has his follow up at the doctor. BUT, for






Yes, had to include being squeezed! It is very common to be THAT loved in this house...


And, that picture Gator is singing "head, shoulders, knees and toes". Achoo thinks its hilarious!


Do you think he's silently trying to scream "help me" or is he enjoying all this love?


I vote - enjoying it!


(Almost as much as Peanut enjoys eating icecream...)

Now, that's about it to catch you up...another post about homeschool stuff perhaps and the calm before the storm but not sure I'll get to it!

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NuthinLikeGatorMama said...

help me will come later...LOL
off to spend $$ on a loveydud