Sunday, September 5, 2010

Baked Alaska...that's funny.

We have been having a fabulous weekend. Now, I don't think I posted yesterday (I honestly can't remember)...but we did some stuff around the house and took the kids to the farm and park. They had a blast.

Today, I felt the need to focus on meal planning. I actually started meal planning yesterday and had my coupons all ready to go -- so, this morning we made breakfast -- sticky buns! And, then got ready to go to the store. I took Gator and Achoo with me and then Vegas took Peanut to get a few things for the house and get his haircut.

I love going to the commissary - really. I do. (can you sense my sarcasm?)

Actually, its not all that bad and going with two kids is way easier then going with three (because the two oldest bicker non-stop in the grocery store..."I get to hold it" "I want to eat it" "Not that banana this one") when given the opportunity to go with just two I took it...and I went this morning.

I'd write out the list I had but man...lots and lots of stuff on it. 110 items to be exact...and I saved a whopping FORTY FIVE DOLLARS with coupons!!! Scratch your head, its okay. I also decided this month to do a Grocery Challenge. Pick a number, any number and that's your budget for food. The definition of food can vary so I put mine as - everything we eat (yes, including going out), dog food, diapers, wipes, house hold stuff. BUT, if we use giftcards that doesn't count as money...or it does count as money but does not effect my budget. So, if I have a giftcard to Starbucks for 10.00 and I spend 5.00 there - I don't claim that $5.00 :) My budget -- $725.00 for the month...some people are like "oh my god that's a lot". But, this is why I went with that number:

1. I buy as much organic as I can (milk, most fruits & veggies, eggs, chicken and ground beef).
2. I have two children in diapers...and one of those that insists on pulling out the wipes to wash between her toes.
3. This includes going out to eat.
4. It's $145.00 per person for the month.
5. That's $4.83 per person a day!
6. Can you see where I'm going with this? It is $1.61 per person per meal.
7. It's my first month trying this...I didn't want to completely fail!

It got hit pretty hard last week when I had to get hurricane supplies and I lost $82.00 from it immediately. Today I spent $232.38 that's for two weeks. I'm sure I will need to go back and get some bread, milk and eggs but that's not bad.

Gator and I did an awesome when we came home we had lunch and started cooking. First thing we did was make use of the rotting very, very ripe bananas we had from last week (ew!)


The girls helped me make chocolate chip banana muffins. And, when Gator saw I was taking pictures she said "Peanut we have to smile for the camera then we can finish what we are doing!"


I cute are they?! This recipe I used (I really should type it out for all of you seeing as its the best muffin recipe I have ever joke, best!!) states it only makes 18 muffins. I made 24 out of the batch...good sized ones too!


I let the kids have one for snack...


I knew they were hungry and they did have a hard day of playing (and napping) so I figured why not...


And, I have to show you this because my house is normally VERY clean...


See, its not always clean...they were in the midst of playing hard. It's completely cleaned up now that they are sleeping (thanks Gator and Peanut for being awesome kids and picking up all your toys!!).

While the kids were playing I also made some meatballs. I'm all about this make something that you can use a bunch. So, meatballs. The recipe makes 100 meatballs (funny, I didn't get 100 out of it but whatever). Dinner was meatball subs. Then it will also make Meatball Minestrone AND Spaghetti Squash and Meatballs. I just told Vegas it was Spaghetti and Meatballs...I'm sure he'll know something is up but do you think I can convince the wee people that Spaghetti Squash is just spaghetti?!

After dinner, I pulled out the already started Baked Alaska to finish it.


The girls helped me with the topping (I can't spell and I'm having a brain fart so we're going to call it topping - haha!).


I had only pulled three of the little things out because once you make them you have to eat them very quickly. Oh, and the cake I actually made from scratch...not cake mixes, from scratch. Although Vegas said, "its not from scratch if you don't make your own flour, cocoa, etc" uh, yes it is!!!! Not from a box, just with ingredients (flour, sugar, cocoa, eggs, etc).


My little helpers helped themselves to tasting it before it was done...


They are cute though, huh?

Then we put it in the oven to bake (450F -- you'd think the icecream would melt)...


Gator was CONVINCED it was going to she sat and watched...


It didn't melt!


Although it was hard to get off the wax paper for some reason...and Vegas didn't think it looked as good as the picture but I had the kids frosting them so I wasn't able to make it with as many "peaks" as the picture...whatever, still yummy.


We all sat down to eat our Baked Alaska...I looked at Gator and said, "Do you know what this is called?" She looked at me and I said, "Baked Alaska" and she replied with "Baked Alaska...Momma that's funny".

Funny, perhaps...yummy, definitely!

Tomorrow's agenda is chicken - making our own breaded chicken fingers...similiar to the meatballs, several meals to choose from.

Happy Sunday!


Erika said...

this post made me very tired!!!! haha! cooking is not my strong point- but i'm working on it! mr. mustard sounds like vegas with the whole 'from scratch' comment!!! haha!

Gina said...

recipes, please!! meatballs and baked alaska! yum!

NuthinLikeGatorMama said...

i need meatball recipe TODAY!

Gina said...

hey. recipes. I said please before. Pretty please?