Friday, September 3, 2010

Achoo is Two!


Achoo turned 2 months old on Wednesday. It just amazes me that he's really two months old, nine weeks (yesterday)...this is a combo post (hope y'all don't mind).

So, 9 weeks ago this little dude came into our lives. He's just amazing. I cannot tell you how amazing he is. How his smiles melt your heart and how he makes everything just so much better.

We took him to the doctor today for his two month well baby visit. He weighed in at 11 pounds 13 ounces AND didn't stretch out at all so was measured at 20.5'' which I knew was wrong so I remeasured him 22.5''. He's still short & fat and in the 25% which seems odd because to me he seems so big! Whatever, I'll keep him he's a cutie.

The doctor was impressed with him (and the girls). She thinks he has some silent reflux and gas issues so has given us some Zantac to try. It should help his smelliness and some of the gurgling we here. Although, my over-supply is causing SOME of that (not complaining, just sayin'). While she was listening to him she heard him wheeze several times. So, we're going to be placing him on albeutrol for a little bit. Its just a once a day nebulizer treatment but hopefully it'll help resolve his issues (that mainly occur in the 5'am hour!). He's been wheezy since his first cold that his loving sister gave him like 6 weeks ago. At least we're getting it fixed now though!

In other news, I got an awesome swap package a couple weeks ago and then dropped it off at the dry cleaners to get it cleaned. It's back...and he's in LOVE with the lambskin! He'll lay on it and sleep so well, stomach, back, in a chair - wherever, no complaints from his...well, except that Peanut tries to snuggle on it, too.


Cannot believe this adorable little man is TWO months old already...

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NuthinLikeGatorMama said...

Aww, I love his big ol' squish!!
Meanwhile Lolli is MISERABLE