Friday, September 10, 2010

Achoo is 10 weeks!

The kids are all sleeping now...I have a moment or two to tell you about Achoo. And, I'm smiling.


I wish I could share him with all of you. He would make you smile and laugh. He's the happiest baby (usually) and he's got quite a sense of humor already.


He's a lot like Vegas. He makes these weird facial expressions that shout "I'm just like Daddy".


The girls adore him.


He loves them and me...he loves snuggling...and he's usually pretty happy...unless he's not - and then the world knows about it! He's got little feet that like to kick me in the stomach still. He's got the cutest little face that snuggles into my neck...ahh, I love him. He's just so chill.


He enjoys doing whatever. He will come with us to the Commissary and be wide awake looking all over the place and cooing at the old ladies. He loves going to the park, being in the sling and just watching the world. Eventually, he falls asleep. He's a good sleeper, too! He is however, a little lazy. He will deal with tummy time but instead of rolling over by himself he just puts his head down and let's out a scream or two and then someone moves him and he's happy again.


The funny thing is he totally has rolled over a few times (stomach to back) but the little guy is so lazy since he knows someone else will move him he just waits for people to do it.


I cannot wait to see if his relaxed attitude continues throughout babyhood!


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NuthinLikeGatorMama said...

LOVE the chub!!

And **had to do this***

Bless you, Achoo!