Thursday, September 16, 2010

23 months!

Today, my Peanut is 23 months old...pretty darn hard to believe.

She's doing well and growing like a weed...sort of! She is still teeny tiny and will forever be known as "peanut". In fact, she doesn't know her real name! She thinks her name is "Peeeeenie" that's how she says Peanut. Although, the other day she started calling herself Lee-Lee. Gator ran with that and says, "C'mon Lee-Lee" and well, who knows what is going to happen with that!


She is a great kid and has a great personality. She talks a lot and plays hard. She is interested in lots of things (including Gator's preschool stuff!). Blocks and dolls...those are favorite things to play with. The Muffin Tin Monday was a huge hit and now she loves eating food that is "cookie cutter". Her favorite character is Minnie Mouse. In fact, I think we're going to have a Minnie Mouse birthday party.


Who wouldn't want a Minnie Mouse party??


She's pretty darn excited about it as you can see!

I also took a picture of Gator because she was feeling here is her picture...


It is really funny to see her wearing long pjs because its been in the mid eighties recently. She just loves feeties as she calls them!


My two lovely ladies!

So, all in all, its been a great month - I cannot believe Peanut is 23 months old or that her birthday is in 1 month. It seems unreal that my birthday babe is already going to be two. Time flies...really, really, really fast these days.