Thursday, September 16, 2010

11 weeks!


Double chin. Yup, I think he needs a name change from Achoo to Mr. Chubbs. He definitely is getting bigger, bigger and bigger. The rolls are just adorable. He has fat little feet, muscles on his arms and legs. He's all boy.


This past week I had a date with the girls and the boys stayed home to watch football. They both napped on the couch while keeping up with the game...yes, he's definitely a boy. He also gets excited easily with boy things - trucks, sirens, sports...and less excited with dolls, playing kitchen and girl things!


Hard to believe that this not only marks the 11th week but also his 2.5 month! Again, like always, where the heck is time going?

I often find that I have less time to sit and hold him and cuddle with him because I have dinner to get made, dishes to get done, mail to put away, laundry to fold...but I've made a point to get at least one solid hour of snuggling in a day (this doesn't include me falling asleep!).

So, here I am blogging...the girls are fast asleep and I'm holding him...he's nestled into my neck snoring the sweet sounds of baby dreams. And, the best yet...he smells so good and he is so soft. Perhaps tonight this might be a two hour long snuggle.


I hope you enjoyed our 11 week pictures. I've been doing my best at keeping up with the blog these days! Off to get some more snuggles from Mr. Achoo Chubbs.

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NuthinLikeGatorMama said...

OMG I LOVE that last shot!!