Saturday, August 7, 2010


IMG_6382 perhaps this blog should have more pictures in it. I did take some but they are blurry or don't really need to come into it. I just thought I'd say that I saw Sarah this past week!

Sarah is one of my best friends from Ohio. I moved from Ohio in 2007 and she came to visit me here in Virginia that year. I haven't seen her since! Yet, I talk to her all the time on the phone, via text, email, IM, etc. Her hubby recently got restationed to North Dakota which is even FURTHER away...but thankfully she's been given the opportunity to be in Virginia for 6 weeks. This is week one.

I'm sooooo excited :) Virginia is a big state and we're not all that close BUT we're making a point to meet up...because really...who knows where the military will lead us next!

Oh...and we met up with the kids at the museum - they all had a blast, it was lots of fun, we had lunch, went shopping and totally plan on doing it again!

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FourJedis said...

So cute! You look great, Jen. How exciting to get some quality time in with good friends.