Friday, August 20, 2010


A lot of people have asked, "What are you doing for school?"

And, if you're "in the loop" you know we're going to homeschool or attempt to for awhile and see where it goes. This year I'm going to do a mix of a few different curriculums. I'm going to try and post the week before I do the stuff what the week is going to consist of and then at the end of the week I will post a blog about how it went (and perhaps with some pictures).

I will be starting school with Gator and Peanut. I plan to start on August 30. So, if you want to start with is what I will be doing that week!

I'm going to use Preschool Prep, Sonlight Curriculum and Letter of the Week.

If you want to follow EXACTLY as I am doing you will need the following materials: Preschool Prep DVD set of 7, Preschool Prep Workbooks, Letter of the Week download and then a bunch of books!

The books you'll need are:

Children's Everyday Bible
A Treasury of Mother Goose Rhymes
The Lion Storyteller Bedtime Book
A Family Treasury of Little Golden Books
Eric Carle's Animals Animals
Developing the Early Learner 1
The Berenstain Bears' Big Book of Science and Nature
Things People Do

The week has five days filled with stuff but you can interchange the stuff easily. Introduce the memory verse of the week (Pay Attention, my childen to what I say. Listen carefully. Proverbs 4:20) Read pg 10-17 from the Children's Everyday Bible. When I say read these pages you don't have to read them daily you go slow. It says on Day 2 you read pg 10-11, so just think along those lines.

Then we will read Old Mother Goose, Jack and Jill, Simple Simon and Mary's Lamb from the Treasury (over the week not daily). Mouse and the Lion, Rabbit and Tiger Save the World, and the Contented Priest from the Lion Storyteller. pg 7 from Eric Carle's Animals and then Pokey Little Puppy and The LIttle Fat Policeman from the Family Treasury.We will be doing pages 1-7 in the Early Learner, 4-15 in the Big Book of Science and 4-5 in Things People Do. This covers Bible, Story book, Language Arts, Science and Social Studies. That's a lot for a preschooler - don't you think? But remember spread out over a week its just an hour or so a day!

Each morning the kids will choose a video to watch so that I can get dressed and ready. They will choose from Meet the Colors, Meet the Numbers, Meet the Letters and Meet the Shapes. I bought Meet the Sight Words but those will be introduced later.

Then on Friday they will do a couple pages in their workbook that go along with the movies.

This will all be in addition to starting the Letter A.

I realize that Peanut is very little and will have a harder time tracing letters (she's 22 months) but she loves do-a-dot markers and other activities. So, while most of these activities are geared to Gator's age...I feel confident that Peanut will be okay with them as well.

We will have field trips planned, playgroups and lessons. Gator is signed up for two different activities and our playgroup will hopefully continue to meet once a week.

If you are local and interested in where we are going on a specific day please send me a message and I'll let you know. We have tons of fun activities already booked through Decemeber!! Each week will also have a baking day and muffin tin Mondays (for lunch on Mondays). Then whatever the kids decide...beans, play-doh, sorting, stacking, dolls, etc. I'm going to try and go with the flow!

Wish me luck...and I hope you come along for our adventure. If you're going to try please let me know because I'd love to have someone to chat about these activities with.

Now remember, I'm starting this Aug 30. That gives you plenty of time to get the books you need! I found great deals on and No other books are introduced until week 10.


Erika said...

you go girl!!! i got tired just reading that! haha. i think we're doing drop off preschool- but we'll see how it goes...i would love to follow along and do some of what you're doing at home! :-)

Kelly said...

Holy Moly, you are sooo ambitious!!! I think it sounds awesome and I look forward to hearing how things go. Good luck!