Monday, August 2, 2010

Potty Pictures

Peanut was doing great potty training like back in June before her episode that landed us in Children's Hospital. I never pushed it after the fact because life was crazy but lately she keeps saying "potty"...

July 30th


August 2nd


Yes, she's wearing pajamas at 2pm with her bird shoes!

I'd say she's a cute little pott(ier).


FourJedis said...

She's so sweet. Go Peanut. You can do it! We just pitched our itty bitty royal thrown (pain in the ass) in the garbage this past weekend after sitting in the closet for a while. Little man, big boy potty. YAY. No diapers during normal business hours (awakeness).

Elizabeth said...

Awesome! She has such amazing doe eyes. :)