Wednesday, August 18, 2010

P is for Peanut!


Ok, so Peanut is 22 months old. Funny, time flies. I cannot believe that she is almost two. She has grown so much of the last 22 months but even more over the last six. She is her own little person. She is a warrior. She is strong and mighty. She knows more then she lets on. She will be upset about something and in a calm manner walk over and be vicious and keep nothing happened.


She's 31.5 inches, 24 pounds. She's had a busy month becoming a big sister. She takes her job very seriously. "Hold Achoo Momma". Or, how about "He's my he's my he's mine..." She had a good visit with the neurologist this month. She seems to be doing well all around. Her ability to communicate has grown...and I must say watching it is purely entertaining. We all sit at dinner and talk, she tells Vegas all about her day. And, she makes it very clear that she's Italian with all her hand motions!


Her current favorites

Food: Salad, Cereal w/ Milk, Smoothies and Spaghetti
Words/Phrases: No, "I don't know" (hands in the air and then says I dun-no), "It's Mine" (Isss Mine), Push (Pooosh)
Toys: Baby dolls, doll house
Books: Can't get enough of them. She's really into the bigger ones with more pictures and not so into the cardboard ones...she's growing up! She laughed last night while reading The Gruffalo and enjoys counting the apples in the Dr. Seuss book Ten Apples up On Top
TV Shows: Mickey Mouse Club House or Word World (she likes to dance and say Ooooh tooools -- its supposed to be Oh Toodles"
Characters: Minnie Mouse


She has a lot more words then those favorites but I'm not going to list all I'm sure its close to 100 or more. She's into so many things, loves helping around the house and is a real joy to be around.

It's so hard to believe she is almost two.


Hope you enjoyed the Peanut-Post with Pictures of Peanut!


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