Saturday, August 7, 2010

One Month Wonder


Achoo is 1 month old. Its insane to think he's really that old. Seems like just yesterday I found out that he was a boy...or maybe that he was born...but definitely not a month already!

He's adorable.


He doesn't do much. He's 8 pounds 1 ounce and 21 inches...exciting stuff, right? He eats, sleeps (about twenty hours a day!), eats some more (breastfed but if he takes a bottle I've pumped its about 2 ounces), farts a lot and occasionally poops! Yup, you heard it right...he's not a pooper. Sometimes he goes 4-5 days without going. Don't worry. The doctor said its normal and not to worry until its been 14. OUCH. He's happy and loved...that's what's most important.


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FourJedis said...

Part of me thinks, "Wow, that went by quickly" while the other part feels like he's been there for longer. Such a perfect addition to your family. The first picture is the only one that showed up on my computer but he is so adorable.