Monday, August 2, 2010

July 28th! CAKE!

While the girls were sleeping I attempted to frost the cake they helped make...only to uh...have it crumble into a million pieces and be named "the mess up cake".

I ended up making a rectangle cake, leaving it in the pan, tossing on some frosting and letting the girls help turned out like this:


And, because of this I knew that I was going to need to go order a birthday cake for the big four bash!

Vegas came home from work and we grilled. Dinner was steak, potatos and cesear salad. You think a four year old and 21 month old wouldn't like it but they gobbled it up and asked for more!!! Then came cake!


Gator is ready!


Blowing out the candles


After blowing out the candles Vegas told Gator "Good job now you can have your cake on Saturday"


Yeah...she wasn't so thrilled with that...but thankfully she was excited once I told her he was kidding...


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