Friday, August 20, 2010

Flat Gina

When Vegas and I lived in Ohio I was blessed to meet some amazing ladies.

While all of the ladies I met are amazing and I'm surprised at how many I have managed to keep in touch with (kudos to facebook!). I have maintained a very close relationship with three friends - Sarah, Krystin and Gina. We were, perhaps, the four musketeers?

Regardless...the military life moved us all away. Krystin and Sarah stayed in Ohio for awhile while Gina moved to NY and I came to Virginia. Krystin eventually moved to Virginia as well (but is 3 hours away!) and Sarah to North Dakota.

I don't think we ever thought all four of us would be together again but we do talk about how cool it would be. The thing is our hubbies all have very different jobs and are all somewhat limited on where they could go and when...


Sarah came to Virginia to help a family from Ohio for a few weeks. The only logical thing to do was create a flat Gina so that she could come with us on our adventures.

Now last week we attempted to meet up at a mall and have lunch - however, Sarah got stuck in some major traffic so it ended up not being all of us...and Krystin and I didn't take any pictures. This time however...we met up and had lunch and took pictures! We even had Ellen, a friend from Virginia with us for the ride...funny, she's actually from Pennsylvania now...the military they move us like CRAZY!


We had lunch at Noodles and Company. And, we shared our lunch with Flat Gina!


Spaghetti and Meatballs or Pad Thai?


Hmm...yes, we did get some crazy looks but it was all in good fun.


After lunch we hit up funland. Yup, flat Gina came along too!


This doesn't even do the place justice...


The kids had an absolute was a good time had by all...and hopefully we'll do it again before Sarah leaves!


Lots of fun can't even turn around for a photo...


Isn't he cute...he sat for pictures...


And, I even gave my camera to F to use I think he's like 6 (?) to take a picture...he took three - two blurry where you can't even see who is in the photo and one with Ellen's shoulder only showing...hmm...


Guess Ellen will have to venture back from Pennsylvania to take another photo...although I'm not sure she's going to want to do that quite so soon...two kids, five hours...hmm.! Anyways, it was lots of fun and we had lots of laughs. Thankfully all TWELVE kids behaved like angels (for most of the time anyways!)

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