Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Birthday Bash!


Ok, so this is Gator's Toy Story Meets Tinkerbell birthday party. You're like...how the heck did you come up with this theme, right?

Yeah...that's what I'm wondering. I asked her awhile ago what she wanted and she said Toy Story, then it was Tinkerbell, then it was Toy Story, then Tinkerbell. We had gone to Target and walked into the party section where she finds these Tinkerbell plates and looks at Vegas and says "Oh my they have Tinkerbell plates I just love them". So, we end up getting plates, napkins, cups etc.

We get home and I say, "So, its a Tinkerbell party" and I'm told, "No Momma these are for your birthday...I'm having a Toy Story party". I guess most parents would have said, no you're having a tinkerbell party but I just went with it. I returned all the Tinkerbell stuff to find Toy Story stuff. It was good.

Until I started to make the trial cake on her birthday - I failed. I ran everywhere looking for a Toy Story cake only to find no one had them! We finally were at Farm Fresh (grocery store) and I say, "Please pick a cake" so she looks and looks and looks...finally she points to one that is sitting on the counter and says, "I guess I'll have that one..."

Yes, I guess...




So, we obviously got it (but kept the Toy Story other stuff)...I was putting candles on it and she screams WAIT...then comes running with all her other things that need to go on the cake.


Tinkerbell...meet Toy Story Characters! LOL


She was soooo happy.


And, she did an awesome job blowing out the candles!


Just a few...






...I thought...


...I'd share!


We had a blast! I'm just shocked she's four. Really, four?! Where the heck have I been? How did it happen this fast? Oh my! Its been fun!!


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Sarah said...

i totally agree!! how did it happen so fast?!?! and dude, she did an awesome job decorating her cake LOL she should be a baker!