Monday, August 9, 2010

And, what else?

Well, both sets of parents came to town to celebrate Gator turning FOUR and Achoo being baptized.


Vegas' parents with all three grandkids...the awesome me didn't get a shot of the three all with mine, I'll have to photoshop them in somehow LOL.


This is the FIRST three generation picture. Very sad that we won't have a four generation picture but again, I'm tempted to do some photoshop because I know he was there in spirit.


No one like Nonno.


Achoo and Gator like Nonno but Peanut the little warrior has second thoughts...she likes him from a distance. Maybe next time he'll get a kiss?


My parents were in town a little longer. We managed to go to the Children's Museum and Aquarium. We also visited Williamsburg and hung out around the house a bit.


And, right before they left...

We had a little cake...


To celebrate Nani's birthday which is in a couple weeks...


And, then the kids ate the cake and had baths followed by a quick story from Papou...


And off to bed. Everyone slept good. We woke up and did nothing and my parents woke up and drove home-- the long long long ride back to Boston. They made it safely and in pretty good time. They are well rested and "enjoying" being home...well, as much as they can anyways!

It was a pretty good time had by all.

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FourJedis said...

So, your kids totally resemble their grandparents. I mean TOTALLY. Love the pics... Grandparent time is always nice and rewarding (and relaxing).