Monday, August 2, 2010

Achoo is FOUR weeks!


I cannot believe Achoo is four weeks old. Really, where the heck did time go? It feels like I just found out I was pregnant, that Vegas was just gone, just coming home that I was just pushing...and now he's here...and not only is he here he's been here for four weeks.

The funny thing - I'm in shock that he's really four weeks old but it feels like he's been part of this family forever. He belongs here. We love him. He is the best thing that has happened to this family. He is our little man guy and we wouldn't give him up for the world!


So, he went to the doctors for a two-week check on his two-week wait check (also known has he's four weeks old) but they normally don't see the babies until they are eight weeks old. He was a tiny one though so they wanted to make sure he was continuing to grow. He weighed in at 8-1! Wowsers...he's growing alright!


He's having more awake time. We tend to attempt to keep him up after 6pm for awhile because otherwise the nights are a little to wild for our likes! He sleeps well though for the most part. He's awake in the early morning and then for bits and pieces during the day. He sleeps best on someone. He doesn't like the swing because Peanut (yes, this is a true story) likes to stop the swing, jam pacifiers in his mouth, take his blanket, feed him baby bottles made for dolls and then make him cry so that Gator will unbuckle him just as I'm running in saying "Don't pick him up" and they are looking at me and Gator is saying, "but he wants me".


Life is good with three. We have our crazy times but really I feel quite settled. I'm able to take them places that some people scratch their head and say they can't do with one or two kids. Yes...I took THREE...count that ONE TWO THREE children to the commissary, to target, to the gardens, to the museum, to the post office and to many other places that I cannot remember. I am a super hero and I have so many awesome powers that I just cannot list them all!


Until next week...


FourJedis said...

You are an amazing super-hero of a mama... don't forget it! He's such a nice addition to your family and I'm totally in love, even if just from pictures.

Elizabeth said...

Oh Jen, he is so so precious. I loooove seeing him with his doting big sisters! <3

Sarah said...

hehe i love his little rolly arms!!!