Sunday, August 15, 2010

6 weeks = last Thurs

So, last Thursday (yeah, I don't know the date off the top of my head)...little man guy Achoo turned 6 weeks old.

This is like so ridiculous - how could it have been six weeks feels like that was so long ago and that he just arrived yesterday. BUT, at the same time it feels like he's always been here and part of our family.


I decided that while the girlies were sleeping I'd take some photos of A-man. The problem was he was sleeping too. So, I did what any mother with three kids sleeping would do...nap, nope, just kidding. I woke Achoo up so I could take pictures of him because *if* I waited it wouldn't happen because the dogs would need to go out, Peanut would need a drink, Gator would need a snack, I'd need to cook dinner, the phone would be ringing, the mailman would be at the door, the diaper would need to be changed, the dogs would be barking and so forth and so I woke him up.


Yes, Yes, Yes. I know you're not "supposed" to wake a sleeping baby but I did...and no, he didn't look happy.


He eventually became happy and chill with me. Phew.


I didn't even have to bribe him with anything because let's be honest what can you bribe a six week old baby with?

He's doing well. The kids are still loving him. We love him just as much as the kids. We're all recovering or I should say have now recovered from the cold from hell. I think we're all feeling better and excited about this upcoming week filled with lots of fun stuff.


As you can see...he fell asleep thinking of all the exciting stuff this upcoming week will bring! Ha! :) Hope this caught you up a little. I'm hoping that I'll get a chance to update a little this week but having three kids has kept me busy and away from the computer most days.

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