Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Birth Story

It all started...well, Monday, June 28th...actually it kind of started that weekend with contractions that were measureable for a few hours and then died down.

But, on Monday they woke me up...they stayed measureable...but they didn't really do anything. I saw the doctor again on Tuesday and she was concerned for a few reasons and gave me the option of induction Wednesday (which she had two surgeries schedule for) or Thursday (which was completely free). She felt it wasn't a good idea to go past that for risk to me and the baby.

I scheduled the induction for July 1, 2010 and arrived at the hospital at 6AM. The plan was that the doctor would come in about 8AM and break my water and perhaps we could avoid pitocin completely. That was the "plan".

So, I get to the hospital and get checked in. Vegas dropped me off and then took the girls back home to get them ready for a fun filled day with our friend Micki (who has three kids of her own and is a complete saint to have watched my two on top of her three!). Then, he came back to the hospital.

Before he got back, I got hooked up to the monitors and checked by the midwife (oh, surprise...still a 4!). She would have broken my water except that the baby was still very high up and she felt it was too risky. I sat and waited for my doctor...about thirty minutes later she came in and checked me...still a 4. She broke my water and then told me I should call for an Epi if I wanted one.

The anesthesiologist came and started getting ready to place the Epi. I was having contractions and leaking what felt like gallons upon gallons of water. I was pretty darn uncomfortable...not in pain but just uncomfortable. The first try took forever...only to find out that the catheter they used was faulty and wouldn't allow the meds in. We had to go for a second try, which didn't work...and a third try which worked! It took forever. I'd like to say almost an hour.

Vegas came in the room after the epi was placed and I was being monitored. The room got fuzzy, I started getting really dizzy and was convinced I was going to pass out. That's when the nurse quickly got something for my blood pressure which was in the 70's! Eeek, low! Once that was done I felt a lot better. I got some much needed rest and waited.

Everyone was predicting this was going to be a lunchtime baby! I was certainly okay with that!!

Around 9:30AM I got checked - 5cm because the baby was so high they recommended doing a pitocin drip and I agreed. I'm already stuck laying in the bed with the epi, so why not! At 10:30AM I got checked again - 7cm! Wow, this really was moving!! Then I stalled...A.G.A.I.N. I sat at 7cm for what felt like forever...did I get that lunchtime baby? Nope!

Still a 7 at lunchtime.

I was okay with it although around 1:30ish I started feeling some pressure thinking "wow, this is it..." because when I felt pressure with Peanut it meant it was time to push! Nope, 7-8. At 2 I was convinced yet again it was time...8. Around 2:45 I was for sure ready to go...the epi wore off, I was in pain...I felt each contraction I was dying. I told the nurse to turn off the pitocin...only to find out they already had turned it off...this was me. I was 9cm. They called the doctor and she was on her way!

I started to get uncomfortable and heard the monitors beeping a bit. In the midst of contractions the nurses were making me move from side to side. I was hot and bothered and saying "please just wait" but they made me do it in the midst of the contractions (I had no clue why at the time but apparently his heart rate kept dropping).

Around 3:05-ish I started feeling the need to push. I was told DO NOT PUSH. I was slightly confused by this...the doctor wasn't there but they were all trained professionals. I just kept thinking "hurry up Dr. L". She walked into the room a little after 3:15pm and the first thing I said was, "I need to push hurry up". They got everything ready and at 3:20PM I started pushing.

I was told to stop a few times. Then I could feel his head coming. It reminded me of Gator's birth (failed epi) and I was saying "this hurts...oh my word this hurts..."

The head popped out and I was told "DO NOT PUSH". The doctor quickly informed the nurses to get the stuff to cut the cord immediately. It was wrapped around his neck fairly tightly two times. After the cord was cut I was able to push the rest of the little guy out. And then all the other goodness.

Archer Joseph Bellucci entered the world on July 1, 2010 at 3:31pm EST in Virginia. His apgars were 9-9. He weighed in at a whopping 6 pounds and 8 ounces and stretched out to 19.5 inches long! He is the SMALLEST Bellucci Baby we've had!

The doctor told me after we were very lucky I didn't need a c-section and that they could tell the cord was most likely wrapped around his neck from the monitors. They also said because of that he had a harder time descending down. Had he not had the cord wrapped around his neck he most likely would have been that lunchtime baby everyone at the hospital predicted...though, regardless of it he would never be the 8 to 9 pound baby people were predicting!

A lot of things happened that I didn't necessarily plan for or want...a long labor starting days earlier, pitocin, cord being cut right away...but in the end - I'm so very thankful it worked out how it did. I can't help but wonder what would have happened if I did wait or if I wasn't at the hospital.

He is an amazing gift from God. I love him to pieces. Vegas loves him. The girls love him...and I know you will all fall in love with him too!

Enjoy the pictures!




More pictures from the girls first visit...and all the other stuff coming soon - I promise!


NuthinLikeGatorMama said...

Re-trying.. last night the word veri wouldn't show up..LOL

Anyway, Welcome to the world lil guy! I can't wait to meet you (and see your mama's been WAY too long)

FourJedis said...

He is breathtaking... I bet you are staring at him for hours on end. Way to go, tough mama! Another amazing birth story! I'm so glad everyone is healthy.

Janine said...

Thank God for another healthy baby! The pics are beautiful. Rest up! So glad J was there for the birth. :) Happy Birthday, Archer!