Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Vegas is H-O-M-E!!!


We got word a few days ago that Vegas would be coming home this week. We originally thought he wasn't going to leave until the very end of the week so we were quite excited to find out he'd be making an early arrival!

It took a lot of prep around the house. We even put up a sign that we got free from an online company. The girls stuck some flags out in front of the house, we had our flag flying and flowers that were "red white and blue" or red, white in purple in reality.

Then, we got ready and went to the airport to get him...and we waited and waited....and waited some more.


We got gate passes - which is pretty easy to do.

So, we get through security, we're drinking our chocolate milks (which we brought through security because you can if you have kids -- in case you didn't know!) and we're waiting at gate A2 like they say...but then we realize that there is a plane sitting there not leaving until like almost an hour after Vegas' flight is supposed to arrive so they must have moved gates and just not told us --- grrrrreat!

I figure out the new gate, A4. Obviously not very far but still. There are no seats...the kids have had their entire thing of milk and we have 25 minutes to wait before the flight is supposed to land...what do I do?!

I take the girls to the bathroom...Gator goes, change Peanut's diaper...I and out in like five minutes, seven at the absolute most...and what happens?! The plane has landed...yup, landed!!! And, Vegas is already off the plane and headed to baggage...ugh, so much for trying!

We ran to baggage claim to meet him...Peanut wasn't so thrilled, Gator jumped out of the stroller as fast as she could...


Here is one of the first pictures I took...don't even get me started on the OpLove people. I e-mailed them WEEKS ago to get someone. I had two people that were "ready and willing" and yet when I tried to contact them with the arrival information (that we first had of sometime after the 25th) no one would reply. Yeah, great business.


It's okay though...I have some good photos, not the best but good enough!

And, you're probably looking at the above photo and saying "where are Gator's shoes?" yeah...she walked to the car without shoes and since I had cleaned the car of shoes and randomness we had none in there but didn't realize it until we were over the HRBT so I wasn't turning back. I even looked in the airport for flip flops, crocs, something that would fit the little feet...nada!


I did get a picture of all of us. I think Vegas is pretty shocked at how life has changed since he's left...Peanut's got words, Gator's got personality and Momma, Momma has a belly!Click here to see how I looked when he left!

So, that's pretty much it. We met at baggage claim and got the bag...yes, the bag because the other one was still in Pennsylvania and had to be delivered today. Lucky Vegas.

We got in the car to come home and sat in some major traffic. We had dinner, celebrated with Gator's flag cake...


She was so proud!


Everyone thought it was super yummy!

And then...I know this is super exciting....Vegas went to bed! It was a long day of travel, a long few days of travel. He's happy to be home and we're all happy to have him home. Peanut is adjusting to the fact he's sleeping in bed with us. She woke up this morning and pointed to him crying and then made me sleep in the middle instead. (I've yet to let her sleep alone since the whole seizure thing last week). She also is adjusting to just having him around...its been quite difficult for her. Some moments she loves him and others she runs crying...poor child!

Gator is loving every minute of having him around...Vegas probably hasn't been hugged, kissed and touched so much in well, forever!

Thankfully, its all coming together nicely. We're happy to be back together under one roof...and hopefully we won't have to deal with anymore deployments in the near future.


Beth F. said...

I am so thrilled for you & the kids that Vegas is home!! What a relief!! Enjoy every minute with him (I know you will)!

I also have to laugh at the fact that kids are allowed to bring milk through security. The first time we flew w/ M I wanted to make sure we had some milk on the plane w/ us. I made J bring his weapon on vacation w/ us just so that he could smuggle the milk through security. How crazy is that???

Crafty Mom said...

I so glad he is home, I know that makes life so much easier when your other half is right with you thru all of lifes ups and downs. Now to enjoy him and get some much needed relaxation before little archer makes his way into the world.

Kelly said...

Hurray for family reunions! Great pics too! Glad Vegas beat baby Archer to the gate so you can all be together when you go from a family of 4 to 5... so exciting!

NuthinLikeGatorMama said...

congrats on being whole again!!!

FourJedis said...

I should have read this at home - brought tears to the eyes. Not to get too cliche, but words can't express how thrilled I am for you that Vegas came home to a bigger belly, and not a baby yet, so you two can share the birth experience together once again.
Love the pictures! Sorry you had trouble with OpLove.

JCJohnson said...

YAY!!!!! I'm so excited for you all. I'm glad that Vegas arrived safe and sound, to his loved ones, and in time for your newest blessing to be born.

Have a blast having him home. God bless you all.