Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Today is Tuesday...

It's been a busy week (more about that later in another post...perhaps).

It is so hard to believe that Vegas has been home for a week. We have been keeping pretty busy and the girls are having a blast. Vegas is hopeful to catch up on his sleep sometime (but probably not until like 20 years down the road...and even then I wonder!).

We are always looking for fun things to do with the kids. Gator loves the fountains and I had to drop off a prescription anyways...so we decided to make a night of it! We started by hitting up this local ice shop. Gator doesn't understand that its not icecream...she does call it ice but then says, "No sprinkles or whip cream". Hmm.

The benefit of going tonight is it is Tuesday...Two Punch Tuesday on your "frequent cards" -- we're not frequenters but we've gone twice and now get a free one the next time we go back! You just gotta plan it right!


Gator picks her flavor by the color...of course, I make her try it before we buy it but she usually, for the most part, loves what she picks. Tonight's pick "blue".

She thinks its really cool when things turn her tongue blue (purple, orange...whatever color).


Peanut is showing off her tongue too -- although, she didn't stick it out the right way! And, below you can see her yummy flavor -- rainbow! It was red, white and blue...perfect for the upcoming holiday!


The girls (along with me and Vegas) had a blast...

The kids loved their tongues...


Both girls managed to eat the entire ice. Gator kept talking about bringing Papou and Nonno (forget everyone else!)...

Then, we washed up...which this stuff doesn't come off your face easily so we left with blue faces (or I should say they left with blue faces)...and we walked to the water fountains where they both played nicely.

I would have taken pictures but Vegas thought I had enough water pictures for one week....


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